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India’s Recruitment Process is Being Revolutionised by Digital Campus Hiring

As more businesses use technology to speed up their hiring processes, digital campus hiring has grown in popularity among Indian employers. Digital Campus Hiring is a significant industry trend that has emerged both globally and in India with the development of the internet and cloud-based technology.

The global online recruiting market is anticipated to reach $43 billion by 2027, expanding at a CAGR of 7.6% over the forecast period, according to a report by Research and Markets. This expansion is due to the rising use of cloud-based technologies, mobile hiring applications, and social media hiring.

At Allied Essence Services, we offer a complete solution to meet the campus hiring needs of ITI/Diploma candidates in a few select geographic areas. Our digital mass hiring solution is made to streamline the hiring process, guarantee effective hiring, and provide our clients a variety of value propositions. Here is a thorough breakdown of the salient aspects of our remedy:

Digital Mass Hiring Solution

With tracking and BI configured at each stage, our mass hiring solution is entirely digital. This indicates that the entire hiring procedure is digitised and optimised for optimal effectiveness, from sourcing candidates to onboarding. Numerous corporations, including top IT firms, automakers, and PSUs for oil and natural gas, among others, have tried and tested our solution. Our clients may reduce the amount of time, money, and resources they spend on the hiring process while still receiving top-notch prospects by utilising our service.

Geography Agnostic

Our technology may run mass hiring campaigns simultaneously across different regions or focus on specific audiences. This enables our clients to access the top individuals available regardless of location by providing inclusive talent mixing. Our team of recruiters specialises in various industries and geographical areas to make sure that our customers receive the most qualified individuals.

Stage-Gated Assessment Model

Our solution has an integrated stage-gated assessment for candidates through scientifically designed questionnaires that deliver a Technical & Psychometric map of each candidate. These assessments have been designed by industry professionals post work with clients and employees and are customizable, ensuring that our clients have access to the best assessment tools available. Our assessments enable our clients to make informed hiring decisions and ensure that the candidate fits their requirements.

Candidate Pipeline

As our solution generates the ideal lengthy list of prospects, it builds a strong pipeline/bench of the following best candidates that are accessible to clients with a single click. This removes the obstacles to face-to-face communication, enabling more productive and efficient hiring.

The increased use of mobile recruitment solutions is another element boosting the online recruitment business. Mobile recruiting solutions make it simpler for recruiters to stay connected and respond to candidates in real-time by allowing them to access job advertisements, candidate profiles, and other recruitment-related information from their mobile devices. Due to the fact that more people are utilising their mobile devices to look for employment and submit applications for vacant positions, mobile recruiting solutions also help businesses reach a wider audience.

Digital Campus Hiring Services

Our Digital Campus Hiring services include a range of solutions designed to streamline the recruitment process, including:

Allied Essence has established itself as a top provider of digital campus hiring services in India through these and other solutions, assisting businesses from a variety of sectors in locating the talent they require to thrive in today’s cutthroat business environment. The business is well-positioned to fulfil the rising demand for digital campus hiring solutions, both in India and globally, by utilising cutting-edge technologies and creative recruitment techniques.

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