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Employers say that they cannot locate the right talent to meet their company’s demands, despite the fact that unemployment is a major issue worldwide. One of the primary obstacles is a lack of experience, and India is no exception. businesses are under pressure to meet the expanding need for talent, yet too frequently, the talent pool lacks the technical training or soft qualities businesses currently require.

Our Hire Train Deploy programme is a high-touch methodology that helps people from all walks of life scale up and position themselves for success while addressing skill shortages for our clients.

In order to combat youth unemployment and skill shortages, we provide custom solutions for hiring, training, and deploying people. We also give young people the technical and soft skills they need to work for top companies. Our Hire Train Deploy methodology strives to benefit job seekers by equipping young people with the abilities and knowledge required to satisfy market demand. We give our clients the tools they need to calibrate their organisational structures and talent requirements in order to accomplish their workforce management objectives.

Program Models

  1. Graduate Hire Train Deploy solution: Skill set training for fresh graduates out of college
  2. Regular Hire Train Deploy solution: General skill training for vanilla skills across the industry to improve employability
  3. Custom Hire Train Deploy solution: Specific skill set training for small batches as per customer requirement

We collaborate closely with organisations to offer specialised hire, train, and deploy solutions that are based on a deep comprehension of their goals and issues as well as a shared commitment to ethical business practices. Through developments that necessitate bias-free and fully inclusive hiring, personnel management and development, and deployment, our solutions have a demonstrated track record of success in assisting client organisations and their workers. To build the settings that provide this flawlessly, we continue to devote time and resources to the best technologies.

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Our team of experts has a deep understanding of the HR industry, and we use that knowledge to help you streamline your HR processes, attract and retain top talent, and foster a positive company culture. We offer a comprehensive range of services, from talent acquisition to performance management.

  • Talent Aquisition

    Talent acquisition is the strategic process of identifying, attracting, and hiring qualified individuals for specific roles within an organization. It involves sourcing candidates, evaluating their skills and fit, conducting interviews, and making job offers. Effective talent acquisition ensures that companies acquire the right talent to meet their business objectives.

  • People and Culture

    Managing the intersection of people and culture within an organization, HR professionals ensure the development of inclusive workplaces, foster employee engagement, implement diversity and inclusion initiatives, and create a positive work environment that aligns with the company's values and promotes employee well-being.

  • Efficient Recruitment

    Efficient recruitment in human resources ensures streamlined processes, utilizing technology and data-driven strategies. It optimizes candidate sourcing, screening, and selection, saving time and resources. It emphasizes targeted job postings, automated applicant tracking systems, and effective evaluation techniques for successful talent acquisition.

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